I used to - in the height of my imagined elegance and very real ignorance - look down disdainfully on Crafters.  I thought they were just the epitome of podunk-dom.  I wondered how it was that these people couldn't find better things to do with their time when there were starving children in Etheopia, for pete's sake.  Of course, as I contrasted my own young, naieve life which hadn't yet unfolded in any real way to theirs as I misjudged them, I felt stupendously superior.  Ah.  The fall from those dizzying heights of the arrogant early twenties. 

Now if geekiness is defined by one's involvement in 'the Crafts,' <insert English accent here> I'm one of the very biggest.  I make cakes for fun, I create cards and gift tags for joy, I scrapbook to document our fleeting lives together, I design bulletin boards at my children's schools for their teachers, I make somewhat unattractive chocolates, I'm a newbie knitter, and I'm very, very open to pursuing a whole lot more.  I plan to look into making jewelry and to pursuing felting.  I love being a geek; there's so much freedom there.


02/23/2010 7:44pm

Did you MAKE that cake with the kids bundled in it? Super cute!!!


ps - find the yogurt!?

02/26/2010 4:22pm

I did. It was for Lucy's 7th. She had a pretend sleepover, which was perfect for those among us who are too chicken for real sleepovers. As per your P.S.: I'm proud to say that after a great deal of searching, I have indeed, found the said yogurt. It's Yoplait Source 'Exotik selection' pineapple/coconut/banana and it rocks my socks! Thanks so much for that. It (and my fav meusli) are my new favorite breakfast!


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