I always struggle with this so much.  I want to share my life with you but for me, a vast chunk of my life involves my children.  Unfortunately, I don't feel comfortable posting their pictures on the Internet.  And so these distant-second-type photos will have to suffice:
We made miniature oven-baked clay sundaes.  As you can see, the girls did an amazing job.  They were careful and detail-oriented.  One would, it probably goes without saying, never attempt this at a boy birthday party.  For a whole variety of reasons.
The food.  Minus the pizza.  Again, you'll want to avoid this kind of thing at a boy party.  They'd never notice or care and in a second and a half, the only evidence of all your hard work will be a smattering of crumbs.  Oliver has already requested a Dairy Queen ice cream cake and that's A-OK with me.  The girls eat all this up, though.  Both literally and otherwise.
Lucy requested that each of her little friends bring along their favorite doll so as to provide her doll - Sophie - with the companionship she so richly deserves.  High times were had in abundance.  In both the human and non-human realms.  (Don't do as JoyBoy did over and over again to his delight and suggest to the little ladies that their dolls are made of PLASTIC, of all things.  He was  indignantly informed that these little dolls are REAL.  I can vouch for the fact that some of them have more elaborate wardrobes than I do, at any rate.)

Happy Birthday my beautiful brown Girl.  You have richened my life immeasurably.


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