Once again, I've placed an Etsy order.  I can't wait for these beauties to arrive.  Because I find the site quite daunting, I always default to ordering from this same woman, whose taste I share.  You can find her url in the archives under 'pretty things' in my first Etsy post.  She's over-the-top generous and usually includes some bonus 'treat' or other in the package.

If you are an Etsy oldie and aren't such an online shopping chicken as I, please let me know in the comments section which Etsy sites you've come to know and love.  I'd love to be fast-tracked to gorgeous-ness!  But in the meantime, feast your eyes on these:

02/14/2011 8:58am

I've bought a really pretty headband from this seller:

I love ETSY!!!! Such an amazing and creative outlet! Enjoy your new purchases! They're so nice!


Xia Shang (sun king)
02/14/2011 3:44pm

Thank you beautiful comment on such very very jewels. My happy heart will be such contentment. Ooh la la.

02/15/2011 6:31am

I just love turquoise roses! I recently made a treasury on etsy with turquoise roses! http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4d53616118656d91453d473e/a-rose-is-a-rose-is-a-rose
I am Lisa Pike's cousin in law and discovered your blog through her facebook post! I just love etsy...I could spend hours gazing at the overwhleming creativity. I have a small shop on etsy called http://www.etsy.com/shop/mummynuggle

I can't wait to read more of your blog!

02/16/2011 11:49am

Thanks for sharing! Loved both Etsy sites and now feel emboldened to check Etsy out more thoroughly. See. It's not that scary!

Melissa, would you ever consider doing a custom order for an older girl's tutu? I have an almost 14-year-old who always laments the fact that we can never find one for girls her age.


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