I just learned to knit.  I love it so much.  And what's more, I don't even let JoyBoy's most recent derisive comment about the whole process faze me even a little.  That man had the gall to tell me that Sex Vixens don't knit.  What does he  know about sex vixens, I ask?  And so I knit.  And then I do it again and sometimes I even purl, just to keep things fresh.  As is my way, I need to have multiple knitting projects on the go to keep it interesting and so I'm working on two scarves for each of the respective daughters and two bad boy gigantic flower corsages just because they're different.  I called them funky orange bastards to my sisters via email and as I hoped, they responded with just the sort of accepting and whole-hearted laughter that feeds my soul.

I'll show you those big orange bastards soon.  They're really cool.

02/23/2010 8:40pm

Hee, love your enthusiasm shared in this post. The saying in our home is "knit one, pearl one!" Always makes me smile when hubby says this, it is his nonchalant way of making fun of my joy of knitting! Men =)

02/26/2010 4:26pm

I love how I've never known this about you! How is it that I can like a person so much without knowing that she's a freeeeekin' knitter? You knit? What do you knit? I like you even more now.


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