I once knew a woman who had to dress her baby very carefully.  Not in the o is my precious bundle dressed in her best coordinated Baby Gap ensemble for maximum cuteness sort of way, but more in a can I stand to touch my own newborn because of the fabric cloaking her body sort of way.  She had an aversion to velvet, you see.

I know another lady who hates cats.  She hates them not for the allergies they bring in their feline wake, nor for the hair they deposit everywhere they go.  She just. can't. stand. them.  The idea of touching the long, lanky muscles just barely cloaked by skin and fur makes her cringe. 

I know two men who can't even look at a child with a danglingly loose tooth.  The only answer for these men is to avert their revolted eyes.

I, myself, am very nearly horrified by ketchup.  Though for the most part I try not to, when I think of putting some of this - to me - noxious substance in my mouth, I feel a speckle of tiny pricks spreading their horror-struck way across the back of my neck, culminating in an animalistic shake of my upper torso.  I'd rather eat bugs, frankly.  And I'm only exaggerating a little when I say this.

What perhaps irrational thing creeps you out?

03/21/2011 1:26pm

For me, it's one thing. Jello.
I have tried for the sake of my kids, but I cannot get over the creep factor of jello. The way it feels, tastes, jiggles. For what ever reason I have an irrational fear of jello. There, I said it. I can't even gag it down. My husband thinks it is hilarious, I assure you it is anything but hilarious,

03/22/2011 10:20am

Boogers left in noses unbeknownst to the person it is adorning. I can NOT carry on a conversation if someone has a little goodie up there and heaven forbid it sway around with every breath. *gag*

03/29/2011 8:41pm

"culminating in an animalistic shake of my upper torso." .....this is the sentence that has me shaking on my couch with laughter.

04/06/2011 9:48am

Feet. I can't stand them. If I'm gloved i can touch them, otherwise, not so much. If my husband touches me with his feet under the blankets, it sends me through the roof, especially if I feel the toenails at all. Even my kids, they know that when i snuggle them so tenderly in bed, that they better keep their little feeties to themselves. They are always cold and clammy, it just repulses me in every way.


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