Anabel would momentarily cringe if she saw my gleeful use of the word 'teenybopper' in reference to her sweet self.   I remind myself of my Dad in the way that I find delicious the act of feigning to use the teen lingo, but doing so incorrectly on purpose.  She seems quite a bit more whole than I felt at that age, but I can tell that this newfound little guilty joy of mine still stretches her a bit.  Unfortunately, though, she's adapting quickly and the JoyBoy and I are having to be extra creative in keeping it fresh. 

Just the other day, when JoyBoy began to dance in front of Anabel and her 14-year-old friend in our kitchen, we were discouraged/encouraged to see her immediately join in.  Healthy for her, yes, but deflating for the parent who was giddily seeking the teenaged cringes.  Here are - for your viewing pleasure - some shots of some real, live dancing.  The afro features prominently, as I'm sure I don't need to point out.

12/30/2010 3:58pm

I love those wigs!!! It gives me such a thorough visual...apparently Disco is alive and well in your kitchen!

01/05/2011 6:25pm

update: photos removed by specific and vehement request of the young lady involved.


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