Oh that it were right side up.  Sadly though, accomplishing that is beyond my skill, prodigious though it may be.  I blame  my Mother for letting me out of the house looking like this.  Ah, this disheveled, this enormous hair.   This pre-goth gothiness.  This cherubic all-knowingness.  I'm like a kewpie doll who stuck her finger in a light socket.  For your viewing pleasure...

04/10/2010 7:30pm

Oh Jen! There are just no possible words that I could use here to depict what I'm feeling about your hair....

04/11/2010 3:56pm

I have nothing to say in my defense. I'm with you. Fully. Wow about me and my fashion sense!

03/29/2011 8:46pm

Its hardly fair to post such a gorgeous picture of yourself. You are a 10/10, even with the hair. Outrageous!


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