When I was a girl, I remember my Dad asking me why I found it necessary to have a favorite of everything.  I had no answer and my only answer now is to present to you, dear readers (I've always wanted to say that.  I'm a cheesy one.), a brief list of some of my many.  I  make no apologies for their transient nature, as I'm a girl who thrives on change and lots and lots of variety.   In no particular order, and only as fancy strikes, they are:

1.  My favorite white wine:  Santa Rita's Sauvignon Blanc 2008 (Chile)
2.  My favorite foods:  scallops and lobster
3.  My (current) favorite perfumes:  Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue and Betsey Johnson's Betsey
4.  My favorite cleaning products:  regular PineSol and Fantastik Oxypower
5.  My favorite book:  Eugene Peterson's version of the Bible called 'The Message'
6.  My favorite qualities in a friend:  personal wholeness and the assumption that the whole world wishes her well
7.  My (current) favorite art:  Sid Dickens' tiles (I have four)
8.  My favorite hobbies:  reading and running and writing and cooking
9.  My favorite thing to do on a rainy day:  close my curtains, turn on the gas fireplace in my bedroom and read whilst curled up in bed.  Tea also helps.
10.  My favorite toothpaste:  Crest cinnamon
11. My favorite facial Cleanser:  I must confess, from 12 to 37, though I've tried many that are far more erudite, it's Noxema regular.  Nothing beats that smell.
12.  My favorite coffeeshop:  Starbucks (the Americano - with cream - in particular)
13.  My favorite colour:  Contrary to what the blog title might suggest - orange and blue
14.  My favorite number:  Who knows why, but somehow it's always been 17
15.  My favorite jewelry designer:  Jenn Fenton (check out her site at  http://www.jennfenton.com/)
16.  My favorite beverage:  without question, it's dark, dark coffee (usually black, but if I'm feeling fancy, there's a dollop of full-on whipping cream in it)
17.  My favorite person:  his fake name is JoyBoy (he's taken.)
18.  My favorite soap:  Lush products.  My favorites, though, are always discontinued.  I'm a products' kiss of death (it goes without saying that this doesn't apply to jewelry designers or photographers; in these areas, I have exemplary taste!).
19.  My favorite bubble bath:  Ombra (they're the 'smelliest' I've ever encountered)
20.  My favorite photographers:  I actually have two.  They can be found at http://www.footprintsbynatalie.com/ and at http://www.rhondafast.com/

Do you have any passionate favorites to share with me?  Talking favorites is my love language, as my bewildered Dad can still attest.

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