In high narcissist fashion, I'm about to elaborate upon my fave's and their polar opposites, my yucks.  Brace yourselves.  Be forewarned, no one here ever asserted that there was anything very particularly others-focused about this post!

I love San Pelligrino, rose-bud-lipped children, people who emanate a sparkly personal wholeness, the words melodic and mellifluous, holidays in Maui, running both in and out of the rain, Bengal Spice tea, my sheepskin slippers, Black-Eyed Susans and their more elegant cousin - the Daisy, loud-laughers, the elusive intelligence/humility combo, Victorian literature, thick, hand-knitted cardigans, reading, my bed and it's all-white accompaniment, beautiful tea towels, Nigella Lawson, the Barefoot Contessa, birds, seafood, the triumph of order over chaos, C.S. Lewis - both his writing and his take on Christian faith, British accents (I don't care who you are - you seem brilliant to me), mushrooms, The Lord of the Rings, going to the library and then Starbucks, darkest of dark coffee with cream, confidence, kindness not caught up in wondering if one looks stupid, the JoyKids and the JoyBoy.

On the other end of the spectrum, I feel a bit repelled by people with visible yucks in their eyes, ears or nose, raisins, mess, prolonged noise, months and months of incessant grey damp, most movies, boy food like mashed potatoes and stew, ketchup,  the colors burgundy and forest green, liver, bickering people, gory halloween decorations and costumes, chapped lips, litter (who still does that?!), bumper stickers or t-shirts featuring tasteful comments like when this van's a'rockin', don't come a'knockin,  people who don't espouse the idea that kids are people worthy of full respect just like their adult counterparts, and lard.

Jump in!  Tell me some of yours!  I'm just dying to know!

11/02/2010 5:19am

Things I love: Jesus, vintage clothing, sunshine, old books and green apples. Pretty perfume bottles, good lighting, creme brulee and flip flops. Vacuum lines on carpet, the smell of cucumber, high thread count sheets, and coffee with cream. Belle and Sebastian, a freshly weeded garden, chai, Colossians and falling asleep while having my scalp massaged.

Things I don't like at all: Finger nail clippings, jalapeno peppers, attention seekers and drivers who don't signal. Clutter, fruit flies, public hot tubs, flowery smelling soap and when the back of your legs stick to a seat. Judgement, easter lilies, whiners, when the whites of my eggs are still runny and pretty much any tv advertisement from the 90's.

Lisa P
11/02/2010 10:12am

Love so much: The smell of spring, hugs, my family, laughing, singing and dancing even though I do neither well. Eating an entire bag of wine gums, soup (any kind)the housecoat and all the other stuff my sister made me. A good quote, traveling, the smell of a burning fire, unconditional love and the greatest gift of all. And of course, You!

Not so much: Noisy eaters, those that eat with their mouth open and talk with it full. The sore tummy I have after eating an entire bag of wine gums, static cling, rising and shining, going to the dentist, hiccups, dry eyes, sneezing, people who don't say excuse me, thank-you or any other common courtesy. Going through the motions, unfinished business, and having to be on time.

11/08/2010 1:19pm

Girls! I loved reading your lists! Thanks so much for that.

11/09/2010 8:03am

Okay, well because Im going to be going on a fantastic holiday in a week, Im keeping mine focused on that, otherwise it would be a book. I love .... my family, so saying goodbye to them will be one of my dislikes, on the other hand, I love my sisters so joining them on a holiday will be thrilling! I love hot sweaty Maui runs, I love laying on my day bed with a tunnel of rushing wind cooling me off, esp after Ive been blow drying my hair and Im soo hot. I love sleeping with the shutters all wide open so that same wind visits me in the night. I love a morning papaya, and latte from the village coffee. I love when I lay in the sun until Im so hot that I MUST go into the ocean. I do not love the thought of sharks lurking nearby. I love after a hard day of shopping that I have a 10/10 restaurant waiting to cook me dinner and serve me wine. I love lounging by the pool with a great book and a icy pina coloda! I love fresh mangos off my mango tree. I love Maui trips and sister weekends, or weeks in this case. I could look for more things I dislike, like maybe getting sand on my freshly rinsed feet after being at the ocean, but I would be a fool to focus on such things! Maui, here I come!!!


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