This is a post I've suspected I need to write for some time now.  I hate to, though.  So very much.  In fact, my heart quails at the thought of it.  That's because I'm a terrible marketer.  However, the fact remains that my dream is to someday become a published author.  Those lovely ones of you out there who continue to read these self-centered little meanderings fuel me to keep trying.

Some time ago the JoyBoy mentioned that he thought that when the time comes for me to begin to send out the finished book manuscript, it would help tangibly for me to be able to include the little tidbit to the various would-be publishers that I've somehow-or-other accumulated a blog following.  He thought it would be all the more impressive if it were to be a large blog following.  Can you hear me cringing here in my kitchen as I type?

The long and short of it is that I was hoping that those of you who find that Joy Is So Yellow adds something meaningful to your lives would consider passing along the internet address and your recommendation to your loved ones.  I'd be ever so grateful.  The one other thing that I'd ask is that if you're one of those who know who I am in non-cyber life (thanks Facebook!), you'd not mention my real-life identity.  I find I'm able to write so much more freely if I know that I'm writing for mostly strangers.  It helps me to let 'er rip all the more easily.  And don't you want me to be able to let 'er rip?

I'd be so grateful.  Thanks for continuing to read.  It means a lot to me.

02/18/2011 9:25am

Just because this post was awkward enough for you to write I wanted to give a little feedback so you don't feel like it went unheard. I, for one, wholeheartedly agree with your hubs in the fact that an online following can only help. (not that you need the help, but y'know)

I love reading your blog and I know many others who would love it too, if only they knew of it. I will do my part to spread the word!

02/23/2011 7:50pm

thanks so much for this. i read it and feel that you're holding my hand as i make my way through something really scary!


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