I like to think of myself as a relatively competent person.  Actually,  I prefer to be a very competent person whenever possible.  It really bugs me when after repeated attempts, I struggle with something still.   Something like this:
I look around me in the hot yoga room (though of course you're not supposed to) and I see people all around me mastering this pose.  The Toe Stand Pose.  I see fat people, thin people, short people, old people.  They're all doing it with confidence and grace.  But do you suppose that makes any sort of difference when it comes to me and the supposed twisting of my body into the intricacies of this posture?

This, no problem.  For whatever reason, I find this one easy:
And this one, too:
But the Toe Stand Pose?   It mocks me.

10/11/2010 8:07am

You're something else! Love. It.

"This, no problem. For whatever reason, I find this one easy:" ...for some reason this just cracks me up.

10/11/2010 4:05pm

Once again, I caution you not to call yourself Pig. Only, it makes me laugh EVERY. single. time. It's very bad, though. Very bad.

12/04/2010 9:51pm

Do what I do, or should I say what I did the one and only time I tried hot yoga...corpse pose. It was the only pose that got me to the end. Keep at it sweets - you'll master the toe stand yet!


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