I have this shortcoming that kind of distresses me because it's end results are rather consequential:   I am loathe to verbally express my personal goals to others.  Because of this other shortcoming of mine (that's a more palatable way of saying sin; let's call a spade a spade, shall we?) - a gigantic, knobbly pride - I dislike (very much) the putting-it-out-there-ness of telling others where I'd like to see myself grow in the next little while because I'm mortally afraid of having an audience should I fail.

Over the past six months or so, I've concertedly begun to try to be better in this.  I've decided to try to trust in my loved ones and their propensity to kind gentleness  as they witness my lapses and it occurs to me that in being honest with them and with myself, I'm not shattering their dreams of a flawless JoyGirl.  Those who know me, know full well that I'm far from perfect.  They know that I'm prone to bossiness.  They know I secretly harbor the hope of controlling the universe and that I think I'd be great at it.  They know I love to exaggerate to the extreme disservice to an accurately-told yarn.  They know I judge others in my heart.   They know I lapse all too often into gluttony with my lovely food.  They know these and countless other icky things about me and me  publicly acknowledging some of the ick isn't the first time they've been introduced to this information.  The living out of my life is, sadly, ample evidence for them to feast their eyes upon.

All of that said, my resolutions for this year are:

1) Read my Bible regularly (as in, more than while sitting in church and occasionally at home)
2)  Work on my book regularly (as in, most weekdays)
3)  Volunteer in a senior's home
4)  Eat healthfully
5)  Cross train (as in, run at least three times per week plus exercise classes and/or strength training)

What are yours?  Last year I made one of my all-time most satisfying ones you may want to note.  I resolved to smile at strangers as much as possible (not counting men inclined to misunderstand my motives!).  This new habit has brought me so much joy and I intend to do it for all the rest of my life, even if only for selfish purposes!  Delurk, please, and let me know the ways you intend to grow this year.  I'd love to know! 


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