I've chatted with several of my real-life friends, and I want to share another favorite new thing with my cyber buddies as well.  Go quick from here and google these words (if you're a lucky British Columbian, that is):  LadyBug Organics. 

These people have changed my life in a beautiful way.  Every Friday, they deliver - right to my doorstep - a big box full of a variety of organic fruits and vegetables.  It's a surprise everytime and we've never eaten more healthfully in our lives.  I'm also known as El-Cheapo and so it kills me to have anything rot and go to waste, which in this case, is a real advantage to me and to us.  I spend an inordinate amount of time prepping it all that first day it arrives and we proceed to spend the week eating all manner of interesting, often unusual, organic vegetables. 

We've never before eaten more swiss chard.  We've discovered that we love it!  When it's sauteed with a splash of olive oil, some feta cheese and some dried cranberries, it takes on a beautiful earthly flavor that only needs a bit of salt and pepper to make it spectacular.  Who knew?!

When you call to sign up (and I highly recommend that you do), mention my name.  It's not like this blog is so well known that I can procure for you a discount, but you will be getting me a $5 credit, which I will appreciate so very much.  Happy late Summer.

Auntie Glenda
08/17/2010 8:40am

Sounds wonderful-all that fresh goodness. Remember how Grandma always had swiss chard every summer, right from her backyard? Reading your blog on the veggies made me think of her. I thank you that!

love you

08/19/2010 8:17am

Thank you for this, Jen! We had a delivery service like that when we lived in Vancouver and then when we moved here I scoured the internet for any such company that was doing the same thing. Of course, that was 7 years ago and I don't think any existed at the time. I'm so happy to learn about this. Thanks heaps for sharing!

xo rhonda


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