We went to the home of some friends last night for dinner and what turned out to be mainly laughing.  It was my job to bring dessert and so I spent quite a large chunk of my afternoon baking Caramilk Brownies.  They're a true fabulosity and I bake them semi-often for special social times.  When I put them into the oven to bake, I promptly forgot that I had done so and left the house for a whirl-wind session of errand running.  At about the hour and a half mark, two fire trucks raced by me in what appeared to be the direction of my home, at which point it dawned on me that my abandoned brownies were probably burning my house down at that very moment.  Suffice it to say, I was feeling a little melodramatic and when I called my husband to check, the only evidence of my imagined disaster were some really hard brownies, substantially darker around the edges than I believe they're supposed to be.  So, in a fit of minor desperation, these magical little beauties emerged into the world.  Let's call them:  The Fire Cookie


A white chocolate macadamia nut cookie
A scoop of premium vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt
Toasted pecans
A substantial scoop of caramel sauce made from simmering together the following ingredients:
     1/2 cup brown sugar
     1/2 cup white sugar
     1/2 cup whipping cream
     1/2 cup butter 

On the side, I also placed a cinnamon swirl bread twist.  Not bad for a hastily assembled grocery store confection!

11/24/2009 9:39pm

Sweet Girl!

I love your blog! I hate the word "blog" it has a bit too much "blah" in it and not enough "awe".

I can't wait to go through your archives...

It's lovely!

But - are those your kiddies real names?

11/26/2009 9:22am

I love your blog, too! The whole venture is proving to be kind of fun, isn't it? No, those aren't the kids' real names. Online creepers, you know. Smooch,


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