I'm not sure how much blogging lurks in my immediate future and so just wanted to say with all the humility I can muster, SO LONG SUCKAS!

I'm to meet my probably already travel weary sisters in about five hours, where they'll undoubtedly be thoroughly sick of their lengthy layover.  However, I know they'll find some joy because they always do.  They hone in on the joy wherever they are - they're talented that way.  And what's more, they can comfort themselves in the fact that we're jet-setting off to MAUI! shortly.  I can already sense them inserting the extra vowels in random words, pretending they're as locals, they're so in the language know.  Like Caaesars.  And airplaane.  You know, like the gloriously sunny and double-A'ed Kaanapali, which is where we'll soon be settling in for TEN SPECTACULAR DAYS!  Can you hear my insensitively rising voice as you read?  Can you hear the triumph in my tone?  Do you note that I'm officially past my regret at my own familial leave-taking?

Chat soon.  But not until I'm good and sun saturated.  Wish you were coming too.  <smile>

11/18/2010 8:30am

Of course, I just happen to tune into your blog after we were PELTED with snow last night and you are off to bury your toes in the Maui sand!! There is a fluffy blanket of snow covering my front lawn and it is a very sparkly, wintery white day here... I just don't particularly want to venture outside!

Enjoy, my friend, there is nowhere quite like Hawaii. I wish you delightful sisterly bonding in the sun & sand!!

11/19/2010 10:39pm

Oh how I envy you, not so much the weather, as the sisterly bonding. Although I must admit the weather is pretty gross right now , so maybe there is some envy there. Have a wonderful time you three - love you all!



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