It's past midnight and I'm too jittery to attempt sleep.  My perch on the couch is tentative, to say the least.

Of my five immediate Loved Ones, four are currently up for intermittent bouts of huddling over the toilet - wishing for a quick death.  The toilet part is mostly wishful thinking as less than a third of the 'episodes' has actually involved one.  I'm on my third load of laundry tonight and there have been ample tears and "Why does God allow this to happen to me?"  The only one spared was not actually spared, but just the first little fellow to fall, and thankfully by now, his turn of alternating  retching and moaning has ended.  They're like dominoes.  Or flies. 

My hands are dry and chapped from exposure to toxic cleaners and from frequent dunks into newly soapy water.  My floors and the bedding in their rooms are pristine from excessive and oft repeated scrubbing.  I'm more than a little stunned that I'm still OK myself, frankly, and I'm thinking that my $12 flu shot - spontaneously purchased during a meander through Costco with my Dad - was well worth it.

JoyBoy, whilst splayed out on the couch in a sort of lethargic, vomit-induced desperation, helped me laugh in the middle of it all when he said,  this has taken some of the tinsel and sheen off of bulemia for me.  He then asked me to remind him to get the flu shot next year.

12/14/2010 8:30am

Oh no!!! hugs to all your kiddies, and to you as you care for them. How sad! Much love and health to all of you!

12/14/2010 6:43pm

Oh no! How awful! Vomit terrifies me so much. Hope everyone is feeling better really soon. xo

12/15/2010 9:12am

Really sucks..... This too shall pass, praying for you and yours, xoxoxo. Just think of how clean everything will be after this big,,, bad,,, bug! Be strong.
Chicken soup for dinner. love you guys.

12/16/2010 10:08am

How awful for you all, being sick is so hard on little ones as they have no idea of what is really happening. Mark once asked me during a bout of flu if he was going to die. Probably felt that way to him and I had to reassure him life would return to normal, it flu just had to run it's course.

Stay strong, I am so glad you are well!


12/20/2010 8:25pm

Thanks so much, everyone. Your kindness made it all feel just a smidge easier!

Auntie, the Mark-wondering-if-he-was-dying story kills the maternal bits in me! Poor little man! Fortunately, he's all grown up now, but my own four had moments of wondering the very same thing two weeks ago. :(


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